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 December 2012 (Jonathan Han)


 December January 2012 - March 3, 2012 (Jennifer Tsai)

Yoga Ball

Yoga on the Ball Workshop with Jennifer Tsai

Purpose: for people who have a sore neck, tight shoulders, back pain, stiffness, tight hip flexors no core or thigh strength, knee problems or balance problems. Use the yoga ball to get your body ready for more yoga practice!

 April 2011 (Jennifer Tsai)


July 2005

Jonathan Han’s Tight Shoulders NO MORE workshop was a success! The Sunnyvale studio was a full house of tight shoulders that at the end became loose again! The next workshop will be announced soon, so please stop by for updates. See you all in next workshop!

Shoulder Workshop

June 2005

Thank you all for attending BEGINNER June 4th, 2005 Balance workshop, so many NEW students learn how to use their fingers and doing handstand! WOW, see you all in next workshop!

April 2005

Everyone! was having so much fun with building up their muscles and unerstanding the way the Nerves work. This was a 2-hour yoga session centered around repairing and strengthening muscles and nerves. Following was a special half hour therapeutic facial massage demonstration where students were encouraged to learn some basic techniqes.

Dear Students -
Thank you for attending the workshop. I appreciate your support and love working with all of you to experience the joys and benefits of a yogic lifestyle
- Jonathan Han

Musclenerve Workshop

January 2005

spinal pic
The workshop was a success! There were many healthy backs walking taller at the end. Thank you to everyone who participated, pictures are coming soon. To view pictures of the workshop

November 2004

Thank you for the surprise! Jonathan Han would like to thank everyone who participated in the surprise birthday party.

 Jonathan BDay

October 2004

Yoga performance benefiting the Community Breast Health Project (CBHP).

In 2004, it is estimated that over 200,000 invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed among women in the U.S. Up to date there is slightly over 2 million women in the U.S. that has been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. In 2004, about 40,110 women and 470 men will die from breast cancer in the United States.

Han Yoga Productions have joined forces with Community Breast Health Project in this first annual Yoga Performance to raise awareness for further research on prevention to move a step forward in stopping this epidemic before more people are affected by it.

Source: American Cancer Society

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