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Jonathan Han - Instructor

Jonathan Han began martial arts training at the age of eight. Not long after that he started practicing yoga in order to increase his flexibility. He has developed a therapeutic form of yoga which he uses to teach and heal. Jonathan is constantly educating and training himself because he enjoys discovering the many powerful tools of and for the human body and mind.

As a child Jonathan was always very curious of how "chi" (human energy flow) worked with martial arts and yoga. This led him to study with a teacher who gave him the foundation for what Jonathan will eventually use to help people. Today Jonathan uses chi to work through pressure points and meridian points. He is a certified massage therapist and a certified acupressure therapist. He is also CPR certified, as well as ADE certified. View Photo Gallery

Jennifer Tsai - Instructor

Jennifer Tsai is a certified HAN Yoga Instructor. She has practiced with Jonathan Han, for over five years. She enrolled in the Teacher Training Classes with Jonathan Han two years back and continues to practice the HAN style yoga so as to help other become healthier both physically and mentally.

Through yoga, she has changed her body not only physically, but also healed her from arthritis and migraine. HAN yoga proved to be therapeutic as she became healthier, more confident, and grew to gain a more positive outlook in life. Jennifer's motto is "Your body moves where your mind reaches out." When this happens and you believe in yourself, your energy is uplifted. Practicing yoga brings together your body, mind and soul in one piece.

Whether you are practicing yoga for the first time or have been practicing for years, Jennifer welcomes all students in her class. At each class, there is a focus on meditation, breathing, concentration, stretches, and yoga flows. As you rejuvenate in class, you ease up on tension and relieve yourself of stress. Jennifer offers a different variety of modified postures to help you enhance your flexibility and muscle strength. Jennifer welcomes you as well as any friends and family to her class because she enjoys the practice of HAN yoga and shares with you the many benefits that yoga can do for you.

Bindu Coulman - Instructor

Bindu was born and raised in India, where many in her family practiced yoga and Ayurevdic medicine. While living in Chicago, she began practicing yoga and became very passionate about expanding her knowledge of yoga. After moving to San Jose 2005, she began taking yoga classes with Jonathan Han. She has completed 200 hours Han Yoga teacher training class. Her classes provide  mind/body workout featuring proper alignment, joint mobility, core strength, balance and relaxation with modifications to suit the needs of every student. She believes these key factors are the foundation which can provide balance in all aspects of life. Her class focuses on the individual student pushing themselves to their next level, rather than the class as a whole. For  Bindu, yoga is about learning to accept yourself while also challenging yourself to grow.


Briant Sarris - Instructor


Briant SarrisBriant Sarris is a certified level one HAN Yoga instructor. Briant took her first yoga class in 2005 when a friend suggested she try it to help with stress and anxiety. At first, she was pretty skeptical; however, somewhere during that very first class, she suddenly realized that all of her nervous energy had been channeled into simply holding onto the posture and focusing on the breath. Her mind had suddenly quieted in a way she hadn’t thought possible. It was a powerful release from a chronic life-long mental burden, and she knew her life would never be the same.

Briant quickly fell in love with the practice and is now a self-described yoga addict. She uses yoga as a moving meditation to help overcome the emotional difficulties and stress of everyday life. She loves the physical challenge of the practice and constantly strives to learn and grow as a student. All students are welcome in her classes. She will make sure that beginners get the guidance they need to enjoy the practice from day one, while providing extra challenges for those who wish to push their practice to the next level. Most of all, she wishes to help others who seek relief from any mental or emotional challenges to discover the powerful release Yoga can provide. Please come in and join her in the journey!


 Jennifer Ho - Instructor 

Jennifer HoJennifer Ho stumbled upon Han Yoga in 2008 and it changed her life for good.  Prior to that she had been practicing yoga casually for years, treating it like any other exercise. But at Han Yoga Jennifer discovered the depth of yoga through its subtle ways - gaining an in-depth knowledge of alignment, breathing, qi flow, and the elusive core.  She found herself achieving poses, and more importantly gaining inner strength, that she had never imagined she could.

In 2010 she began teaching at Han Yoga to share the wonderful gifts that have been bestowed upon her through yoga.  A firm believer in the importance of building a strong foundation, Jennifer appreciates the simplicity of basic poses and admires the mastery of seemingly simple poses.   Yoga has inspired Jennifer to further delve into the mystical world of the human body and she is currently pursuing a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Yawen Yang - Instructor

Yawen was first introduced to Yoga in Taiwan about 10 years ago.  Since then, Yawen has realized that yoga is her true passion.  Yawn had not been seriously practicing yoga until she joined Han Yoga about 2 years ago. During that time, Yawn completed the 200-hour level-one teacher training program.

Yawen learned that we can all become stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually through yoga practice.  Yawen especially enjoys how yoga breathing makes each movement more powerful and effective.  With proper alignment and breathing, yoga practice helps us gain stamina, re-align our nerve system and  stimulate pressure points on our bodies. These are all the benefits that Yawen wishes to bring to her students.

Yawen has always had an interest in helping people. She would like to share her yoga knowledge with students by teaching dynamic yoga workouts that not only help students feel relaxed and focused but also help them gain stamina and strength.



 Han Yoga Instructors Wanted

Interested in teaching?  We want you!   We are recruiting Han Yoga practioners who want to become a Yoga Instructor.  Please contact us at: info@hanyoga.net or call: 408-245-YOGA (9642) for more information.







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